In Development

One Infinity – A Documentary film directed by Gus Kamp.

Single Happiness Hotel – A feature film in collaboration with Makeup A Story Productions.


One Infinity is a unique cross-cultural collaberation between masters of music and dance from around the world. Audiences are taken on a journey to far away splendor as they witness the power of art and music to communicate without words.

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Based on the tragic tale of Giacomo Puccini’s operatic masterpiece Madame Butterfly, Cho Cho is a brilliant musical theatre work set in Shanghai about the heroine’s life combining drama, puppetry, poetry and music.

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The Dragon Child is a physical theatre/puppet performance. Using a combination of Chinese art forms and modern theatre techniques, it tells the story of a child who, with the support of the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac, is in constant pursuit of purity and harmony.

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