Dragon Child is a co-production of China National Theatre of Children and the Arts Centre Melbourne in association with Playking Productions. 

Dragon Child is a physical theatre/puppet performance. Using a combination of traditional Chinese art forms and modern theatre techniques, it tells the story of a child who, interacting with the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac, learns environmental lessons in the pursuit of purity and harmony.

Raised in the care of the twelve Chinese zodiac animals, the young dragon child has a loving and harmonious existence until her life starts to be affected by the relentless pace of human civilization, pollution and diminishing natural resources. Through her eyes and those of her friends, the story explores these contemporary challenges and the impact they have on our children and their hopes for our future world.

Dragon Child was a special project of China National Theatre for Children for the Beijing Olympic in 2008. After it played in Beijing, the production toured to Arts Centre Melbourne and since then it has been performed in many countries around the world including USA, Mexico, Vietnam, Eastern Europe and others.

Production Team


Zhou Yuyuan (Producer)
Mu Xing (Writer)
Peter J. Wilson (Director)
Richard Jeziorny (Designer)
Cheng Jin (Composer)
Philips Lethlean (Lighting Designer)
Jiao Gang (Choreographer)
Shen Ao (Assistant to the Director)
Zhang Wei (Stage Supervisor)


Xi Li (Lilly)
Chen Lei (Rat)
Yang Cheng (Ox)
Chang Jin (Tiger)
Jiang Jing (Rabbit)
Wu Xu (Dragon)
Li Zheng (Snake)
Liao Wei (Horse)
Zhang Jia (Sheep)
Wang Bowen (Monkey)
Zhang Weiwei (Rooster)
Li Yuanyuan (Dog)
Hu Jingbo (Pig)

Stage Team

Chen Feijun (Lighting)
Fang Kunhao (Lighting)
Li Yibin (Audio)
Zhu Chuanhua (Devices)
Liu Yuxin (Devices)
Zhu Chuanhua (Props)