Music/ Arts Documentary

Short Synopsis

One Infinity (working title) is an optimistic film about the making of a theatrical concert that becomes an ecstatic ritual with the whole audience involved. It is about the difficulties & rewards of making meaningful connections. The story follows a diverse group of artists, from modern & ancient cultures, as they search for connection as they work together & discover points of intersection over 4 years between Melbourne, Beijing, Townsville & London. Renowned experimental choreographer Gideon Obarzanek & Virtuoso recorder player Genevieve Lacey meet Chinese culture through the music of the ancient instrument, the Guqin, & Master player, Wang Peng, as they make a show that attempts to entice the audience to participate subtly in the show & through this ritual, become part of something bigger than themselves.

Director: Angus Kemp

Editor: Ken Sallows ASE, Angus Kemp

Producer: Ziyin Gantner

Associate Producer: Jess Zhang